How to Create an Eye Catching Facebook Page Banner

It is essential to have an eye catching facebook page banner for your brand/blog.Don’t underestimate this and make sure your cover photo attracts people in.
When you create a cover page,below are the main things to note.

The size
Facebook page banner should be 851*315 pixles.If you dont create the banner with the exact size,Facebook will ask you to adjust the banner to fit when it is uploading.This may lead to remove a part of the important part of your banner.

Be creative

Dont just share a photo as the facebook page cover.Try to make a collage or specific design that suits with your facebook page theme.

Keep it fresh

Try to change the cover/banner time to time.If you have any new activity in your site,you can upload a new banner with some highlights of that event.A new change is always attracting the eyes of page fans.So,they will visit the page at least to check the changes.

Below is my recent banner for facebook page.

Food-Corner-Facebook Page Banner

How to create a facebook cover easily?

Now this is the question.If you are a techy person,you know how to use most software and you are able to prepare it of your own which fits to right dimensions.On the other way you can hire a person to create a banner for you.Anyway,usually I do work related with the blog by myself.That is fun and I improve my knowledge by doing so.

Until recent I used another photo editing software to create banners.It took some time to adjust dimensions and to upload pictures.

But,recently I found PicMonkey & love its features.It has a feature to create a facebook banner and no brain is required.Only you have to do is to select the lay out & some nice photos you want to add.

Here is how to do.

Visit PicMonkey  

(it is free and no registration or downloading is required to create a facebook banner)

Click ‘Create a Collage’

How to create a banner for facebook page

Then from ‘Layouts’, select ‘FB Cover’.There are different facebook banner options given.Select your preferred layout.I selected a banner looks like this.

How to create a banner for facebook page

After that, ‘Open’ photos which you like to use in Facebook page banner.Drag and fit them to the collage.

How to create a banner for facebook page

Yay! It is done! No need to adjust dimensions or even think about it.Click ‘save’ and save the banner to your computor.

Upload it to your facebook page.

How to create a banner for facebook page

If you want to do basic editing,still you can do that with PicMonkey.

If you think you want to have more features like different fonts,styles etc then there is an upgraded version for just $4.99 per month.or there is another option to upgrade for $2.75 per month if you upgrade for an year.

Anyway,I use the free version and still I am happy with these basic features.
Oh!Please consider joining with Food Corner Facebook page too.If you have a page and like me to join,please leave your tag on page wall or send me a message with page link.I am happy to join.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

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