I am back to the blog after few months. Because of a reason, I had to stay away from the blog & also from my day to day life. From few days, I am back to normal life, but didn’t have an idea on how to start my work .When I saw this Giveaway hosted by Luxury Haven ,I thought it is a great topic to come back for blogging.

Yes, my absence is for a good reason. I am 21 weeks prego with my first & now enjoying the 2nd trimester 🙂 But I had a too bad 1st trimester which changed all my daily routines. The main problem was eating. I really didn’t like our home cooked Sri Lankan food or any spicy food. Instead I could eat some sweet or moderately spicy food. Luckily Singapore is a food paradise and there are many food outlets & choices around us. For me, the best was websites like this, because they saved my time & energy of visiting. Even I was too scared to visit a restaurant because of sudden throwing out. So, home delivery was a good option.
Singapore Home Delivered Food Services
After about 17th week, my early symptoms were fading & my appetite is back. Now I eat like a panda. I can eat a lot and I eat a lot of fiber rich food same as a panda does. Fruits & fresh vegetables are on top of the list. Other than that, I still enjoy food ordered from food outlets. My weight is increasing now & I suddenly get crazy cravings for some food. For our surprise, those cravings are not for Sri Lankan food. My husband is lucky because he can buy food easily which I am craving for. 
Anyway, I started to cook at home & thinking of updating the blog at least once a week. Even, I have to post some event roundups which I couldn’t post. I am sure there are many new posts around and can’t wait until I visit the others.Hope, I’ll be able to find some new recipe for trying.
And I really wish to win this giveaway & have a chance to taste food from a Singapore home delivered food service which has online menus from a selection of delivery restaurants around the area I live. 
Wish me Good Luck!! 🙂 🙂