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Shan Lin Xi Oolong Tea is another tea from Nuvola Tea. It is another Taiwan Tea grown at a height of 1600 to 1800 meters.

Taiwan Nuvola Tea
When I open the package I could smell a very fresh aroma of tea leaves. The leaves are rolled into small buds of glossy and vibrant green. The feeling was smooth in my hand. 

Oolong Tea
Once brewed, the leaves were opened nicely. Actually they opened and expanded into large leaves making me surprise! A small rolled tea bud inside the pack was expanded to a set of large leaves. That’s really interesting to watch before tasting the tea.

Taiwan Tea
The colour of tea is a greenish yellow gold colour. It was mild & creamy in taste. But still I could feel mellow and sweet after taste which stays on the tongue. This tea gave a rich taste of good oolong tea which made me wanted to try again.
Please check Nuvola Tea website for more information and purchasing of this tea.
Premium Taiwan Shan Lin Xi Oolong Tea from Nuvola Tea