Popsicle Recipes-Watermelon and Orange Popsicles

Most of the time, I try different Popsicle recipes. They are really easy to prepare. Few months ago, we experienced haze in Singapore. During that period, it was very hot and smoky not only outside, but also inside home. Most of the time, I prepared cold drinks and other cold dishes as they helped to beat the heat. This watermelon and Orange popsicles are one of the Popsicle recipes I tried during that period.
Making popsicles are really easy. All you need are some Popsicle molds and your favourite drink to use in popsicles.

Popsicle Recipes-Watermelon and Orange Popsicles
Here is the simple popsicle recipe with watermelon and orange juice, if you have kids, I am sure this is a great treat for them! 
Ingredients ( for 6 popsicles)
2 cups of watermelon pieces
1 Orange
Sweetener as required (sugar or honey)
 1 cup Water
Special Utensils-Popsicle molds
Squeeze the juice of orange.
Mix watermelon pieces and water in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Add orange juice and mix well.
Add sugar or any sweetener as required.(as per taste)
Pour into Popsicle molds.
Freeze for about 4-8 hours  or until set.
Remove from the moulds.

Watermelon Recipes-Watermelon and Orange Popsicles

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