Because my face book page reached 500 likes,I decided of arranging a competition.However I am really happy by seen that how the contest is going on.I didnt accept this much participation.Really glad to all of you for participating either by submitting a photo or voting for photos.

I like to publish the competition rules here again….

1. How to Enter: 

Simply post a photo of a food or related to the subject to Food corner page wall.
I will post the photos to our competition album.
Photos can be added from 15/06/2011 & until the closing day.
However the votes will be counted through the competition album

2. Number of Entries: 
You can add up to 5 no of photos

 3. How to win: 
The photos will be added to our competition album. Then everybody can add ‘like’ to photos. 
The 5 photos which gets more ‘likes’ will win.

 4. Closing date: 
30th June 2011

 5. Other Rules:
By submitting a photo, it is assumed that you agree to publish your name in the page wall if you won.
By submitting a photo, it is assumed that I have permission to upload the winner’s photos in my Blog & page, But with your/your Blog/your page name
Hope you all will join to the competition!!!

Because the competition is very warm,I decided to make some awards to give for the winners.

Hope the above awards are good enough.And because of many good photos,how if we select next 5 photos too?I mean 6,7,8,9,10th photos?How is this award for them for doing a good job?

Enjoy the competition!!
Hurry up & grab this awards!!!