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Creating a book is really easy with Blurb. If you remember my previous post about our son’s first month photo book,we created the book using Blurb’s  BookSmart  feature.

However in that post I didn’t share the details on how to make a Blurb Book with BookSmart .I found a helpful resource for you to help simplify the creation of a Blurb book.

Blurb has put together a book making boot camp video. 

If you also just like me, you’ll like to watch a video for information than reading articles. I think it’s much easier to learn how to do something by watching a video with clear instructions.
In this video Blurb explains how to create a book easily. You can use the steps to create your own book of any kind. Be it a cookbook or a photo book, have a look into this video and start your book.

Here’s the quick video from Blurb and you only need less than 3 minutes.

Holiday season is approaching and even you can create some photo books as gifts.

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Creating Custom Books for the Holidays? Blurb’s Book Making Boot Camp Makes It Easy!

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