Another week is over.It is just a fun & excitement to host this contest every week.There are many new recipe ideas exchanging among us.

Without talking much,I am going to announce the winners of this week contest.

Here is the ‘Food of the week’,for this week.
It is Bruschetta w/ Capers from Everyday Mom’s Meals.Check her recipe here.
Congratulations Everyday Mom’s Meals!!!!You are the winner for this week!!

Seems we had a good competition this time.Because we have few food pictures which got same votes & they all grabbed the 2nd place.
Here are the 2nd place winners…..Congratulations!!!

Roasted Egg plant & Tomato ‘Button’ Pizza by Sumptuous Spoonfuls

All pictures are fabulous!!
Because of these few 2nd place winners,we do not have 3rd & 4th places.& here are the winners of 5th places.

This is the dish ,Banana Ice cream.

Congratulations & hope your participation for the next week too.And remember,all these food pictures are eligible to our month end contest to select the ‘food of the month!!
Have a nice weekend!!
Happy cooking!!