Another week is over.We have another winner for ‘Food of the week’!!! It is so nice to see this much participation & beautiful photography of food.All are beautiful & attractive.
After this contest,next week would be for ‘Food of the Month’ final contest.Therefore all these winners will go to final contest album.We would have a good & warm contest there….

Here are the winners.

This time,The Food of the Week is…..Hershey Cake by Supper Club. Congratulations!!!!!

Check Supper Club page for yummy recipes….

We have two 2nd place winners.

Easy Peach Cobbler by Phyllis Salmons

And Banana Ice cream by Chef in disguise

We do not have a 3rd place because we have 2 winners for 2nd place.
Therefore the 4th place winner is Supper club.

This is Peanut butter pie by Supper Club

Our 5th place goes to Velvety White Chocolate Mousse by Mia’s Domain

The following food pics are lesser only 1 vote from the 5th place.Therefore I selected them for the final contest.They are

Mango Mousse by Kitchen Mania

Submission by Brasilian Recipes & other delectable delights from around the world.Check their page here

Appam & curry by Chef in disguise

 Thanks all friends for participation.And dont forget to visit Food Corner next week.All these pictures will be in our ‘Food of the Month ‘ competition!!

Have a nice weekend!! Ah if you havent check other pages/blogs mentioned here,pl have a visit to them & see how lovely their work is…:)