How to fold a grocery bag and store them neatly
fold a grocery bag neatly

This is not a recipe post. But I believe an organized pantry/kitchen is one of the secrets for a delicious dish. I usually reuse plastic grocery bags. Most of the time I use those as garbage bags or liners for the dustbins.  But how to store them nicely in less space? Until recent, I folded them into four and stored in another larger size bag. That plastic bag was always bulky and took much space inside my kitchen cabinet which I didn’t like.


How to fold a grocery bag and store them neatly
Space difference of both folding methods

But I didn’t know a better method.
Later I found this folding method and it is really useful in space saving. Now I have lots of bags folded and stored inside a small basket.It is not bulky as earlier. I keep this basket inside the cupboard below the sink and it is aesthetically pleasing.
How to fold a grocery bag and store them neatly

Folded bags can be stored in any type of container, plastic box or even inside a jar which is not in use.
You may feel that this folding process takes too much time. No! It can be done under 1 minute.On the other way, we don’t receive 100 grocery bags to our home in a day. It can be less than 10 bags per day. So, spending few seconds for folding a bag is worth than having a cluttered space, isn’t it?
This is easy to do while watching tv. Oh but don’t disturb other family members, as they won’t like the crinkly sound of folding the grocery bag. 🙂

Here are the steps on how to fold a plastic grocery bag using an origami fold and store them nicely.
Place the plastic bag on a flat surface. Firmly press it and make it smooth. Avoid any wrinkles.
Then fold the plastic bag into half-length as shown in picture. Press it and make it Smooth.
Then fold it again as shown in below photograph.
Always make sure the bag is empty of air and without any wrinkles.
Fold a triangle at the bottom of the plastic bag strip by folding one corner up.
Continue folding the bag in triangle shape all the way to the top of the strip.
Now you reach to the top.
You can find the small pocket shape in folded bag.
Tuck the handles of the bag into this opening at the top of the fold.
Yay! It is done. Now there is a triangle shaped folded bag which is easily fit into any container.
I store all my bags like this. I have two small baskets for larger bags and smaller bags. So, it is easy to find a bag according to the size.
How to fold a grocery bag and store them neatly
When you want to use the bag, remove the tucked ends and just shake it.
For easy instructions, please watch the below video.(Please ignore the quality of the video as I did it only to share the instructions 🙂 )

Hope you enjoyed this post.How do you store bags in the pantry? Any other easy method? I would like to know.