How to Protect your Blog Content from being Stolen
Protecting the content from being copied by some of those copy bloggers are the most difficult part to handle. It is a pain to see that our blog content and images are being copied and posted as their own even without a single mentioning or proper credits.
We create the original content, spend a lot of time to edit it, to take photographs and combine them into a post and publish it. But within few minutes, a copy blogger visits our blog and copy the entire post or images and re-publish as their own. Even I have found most of these copy bloggers crop the images and even watermark the images as their own! How pity!
So far I have experienced lot of such cases and most of them are new Sri Lankan blog owners. My blog is mainly about Sri Lankan recipes and I guess this blog is a great resource for most of Sri Lankan food tried and tasted at our home  🙂
Below is a screen shot to show how many sites have copied the image of  Milk Rice (kiri bath).

I don’t think we can stop these things completely. However we can try some methods and prevent a bit.
How to prevent the content from being copied

Disable the right click
To protect the images, we can always disable the right click function. So nobody can save it. But, I don’t practice this. Because,
– I want my content to be featured at other sites and linky parties. Of course those who host these parties give proper credit and it is nice to be featured on those great sites.
-I don’t want to prevent loyal readers of Food Corner from saving an image of a recipe for later reference.
So, this method is doubtful. I want to know your idea about this method. Are you going to disable the right click?
      Watermark the images
      It is very important to watermark the images; at least we show that we are the copyright holder for that image. By watermarking the images, we can avoid stealing images for up to certain level. There are photo editing software like PicMonkey ,PhotoScape or Photoshop which is helpful for watermarking the images.
      However, those who copy the images try to crop and edit the images. Even there are methods to remove the watermark. But still, this method works.
      Manage the RSS feed
      I have a really bad experience. Around end of last year, I found a new blog which has copied my entire blog including images and content. That time I have already posted a total of around 300+ posts. How pain to see my entire blog is posted in another site without my permission! I tried to contact the admin of that blog, but he didn’t respond. If you just search for a blog with the name ‘Faster than instant noodles’, you’ll see what has happened to that blog now. If you check his G+ profile, you’ll see some of my posts urls and images are still there(with his blog post url). However when he didn’t respond to my comments, I filed removal requests from Google. This is not easy as we need to file a complaint for each url. However it worked as I continued filing daily and after sometime and after few requests, I could see the entire blog posts were removed.
      Anyway, that’s my story. With this incident I searched a lot about how to prevent such cases.
      I found from another blogger that, it is not good to allow full RSS feed in your blog feeds. This may disturb those loyal readers who like to read a blog post as a feed. But, I changed the settings in my posts to display until the jump break. 
      At the time, when I was struggling to remove the content from the previous mentioned blog; I noticed that my new posts were appeared in his blog until the jump break leaving a link to my site. At least I could make my mind!

      Display copyright notices and get the help of a third party
      Get the help of services like or 
      They offer both free version and a paid version. Display their badges in your posts/site and remind the readers to stay away from copying.
      Set up Google authorship for your content.
      By setting up Google Authorship, the content is linked to you first once published. Later, this will help to remove the issues on duplicate content .Check here on how to get Google Authorship.
      Above listed are some tips on how to prevent the content from being stolen. Wait for the other parts of this post on how to find copied content and how to react when you found copied contents. I will post them soon.
      Now it is your turn. I know most of you have experience and thoughts about these issues. Please share your ideas and tips in comments. That will help all other bloggers to improve their blogs.

 Protect your content with a Protecion Badge

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