I was thinking of printing photos and making a photo album of my son’s 1st year memories and it was the time that I received the opportunity to try a Montage photo book in exchange of a review. I was really happy and I could complete it in a short period of time. Actually there are lots of photographs of him with lot of lovely moments. I was thinking how to prepare his album. At one time, I thought it would be nice if I prepare a scrapbook. Then again I thought of printing photos and prepare an album using a store bought album. But with albums, sometimes the photos get spoiled. Anyway, finally my problem is solved and I decided to try Montage photo book for my son’s first year memories.So,here is  my experience and Montage Photo Book Review
It was super easy to prepare the photo book. I took few weeks to select the photos, but it only took less than 30 minutes to prepare the book.
Here is how to create a photo book with Montage.
  • Click ‘Start your Montage’ to create a photo book.
  • Then you’ll see a window which asks you to upload the photos. Simply upload the selected photos for your photo album.
  • Once all the photos are uploaded, click ‘Create my Montage’.
  • Within few seconds, you’ll need to select a theme layout for your photo book. It is easy to select and don’t worry, you can even change the layout later if you don’t like the selected theme.
  • Within few minutes, you’ll see your photo book. Go through it and change the arrangement if necessary.
  • Finally, it is time to order. You can select from 3 given sizes and complete the order. That’s it. You’ll receive your new photo book within few days.
I was so pleased to receive it and surprised with the quality of the book. Even more, I was surprised with their fast shipping. I ordered the book on 8th March and on 12th March, I received the book.Isn’t it something to get surprised?
Here is my idea and review about the Montage photo book.

About creating the Photo book

  • It only took few minutes to create the photo book.
  • Photos were uploaded in date order automatically. So, I didn’t want to arrange them much. For me, it was an advantage as I wanted to create my sons memories from his birth to first birthday. Photos were automatically arranged in date order and I could see his story through the photos.
    Montage Photo Book Review
  • After the book is created, we could arrange page layouts one by one as we desire. So, in some pages we could use few photos and some pages are with more small size photos.
  • It was easier to order and check out was super-fast. I was expecting a shipping cost of at least $20 for this book. Instead it was just $10 and it is a total surprise for me with my previous experience with photo books.

My Review about the Photo Book

I am so impressed with the quality of the photo book and here are some of my thoughts.
  •  Photos were printed on thick pages. Pages appear with more quality and I am sure they are durable too.
Montage Photo Book Review
    Montage Photo Book Review
  • I love their feature of ‘layflat’ pages. All pages in the photo book are printed on thick, layflat paper. Photo book looks great and easy to check the photos.
  • They use Quality materials. For the cover, they use Eco-friendly leather imported from Italy to wrap the photo book. The photo book looks fabulous and soft to touch.
  •  Of course, they delight customers, faster. I received my photo book less than 7 days after the order was completed. If you are also a kind of a person who hates to wait, then I am sure you’d love Montage photo books. You can create your Montage book in less than 30 minutes and receive it in 4 to 5 business days. 
Montage Photo Book Review
  • It is nice they offer 90 days to return. If you don’t like the photo book for any reason, you can return it or solve the problem with them. They even provide a return shipping label so you can return it for any reason. Sound great, isn’t it?
We are really satisfied with our photo book and thinking of making another photo book with Montage. If you have lot of photos taken but haven’t print yet, why don’t you try a photo book? It is really worth the time and money.
Do you love Photo Books? Please share your thoughts.