Recently I tried another tea from Teavivre.It is Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk oolong Tea.The name ‘Milk oolong Tea’ made me interested  to try it, because I wanted to check the taste of this Oolong Tea.
This tea originates at Alishan,Taiwan. The tea pack contains pure tea buds and leaves. 

Interestingly the leaves were rolled into small balls and those were smooth on my hand.
For a perfect tea,I followed the instructions given on the pack. For this tea, brew at 212F (100c) for 1-3 minutes. Once brewed, the teal leaves were opened. Can you see the images with opened tea leaves?
For me the taste of this tea is mild bitter. Once opened the pack, it gave some natural milkish aroma. Once brewed, the  colour of tea is a bit lighter yellow. Though it is mild bitter, it gives a combination of milkish & bitter tastes. So,I would say it gives a smooth taste keeping any tea lover attracted.
I found some interesting info about this tea.It prevents the decaying of teeth and halting the plaque build-up. Read more about some health info about this oolong tea including advice on recommended brewing guide from Teavivre.
If you are a tea lover, this is another tea to try.
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