Waffles are as American as baseball and apple pie. Although they originated in Belgium, the American version, whether fresh or frozen, has won its way into hearts for decades. Waffle makers have come a long way from the days when they had to burn the first three to make one successfully. Now more like commercial-grade equipment, the waffle makers of yesteryear can’t hold a candle to the new ones.

Think Your Waffle Iron Is Just To Make Waffles? Think Again!

A waffle wholesale supplier believes the best part about the waffle maker is that it is an excellent tool to make more than just waffles. Your waffle maker might be the best tool in your kitchen, and you don’t even know it. Not just for breakfast-making anymore, waffle makers are great at creating some pretty fanciful delicacies if you know how to use them right and are willing to use a little imagination and creativity.


A great chef — or even a not-so-great chef — has the ability to look at any appliance, tool, or kitchen accessory, and find different uses for it. If you are going to let a waffle maker take up space in your kitchen cabinets, isn’t it a good idea to use it for more than just the occasional waffle?


Waffle makers aren’t just for helping you make the best brunch ever; they are also good at grilling sandwiches to perfection and making paninis. Forget the panini grill; the waffle maker can do just as good a job at crisping your sandwich to perfection. What makes a waffle maker an awesome tool is that it doesn’t need any oil to give food, a crispy exterior. Use it for anything that you would put in a fryer, like french fries, tater tots or even hash browns. Cooking without fat is a great advantage, and so is the quick clean-up afterward.


Not just for breakfast, the waffle maker can make some of the most exquisite desserts to delight your guests or can let your kids get really creative.  The waffle maker is safe enough to let your kids get involved in making their own creations. These are some of the best ways to use your waffle maker that you might not have considered, but you should!

waffle iron recipes


Hash browns


Hash browns can be really tricky. When you put them in a frying pan with oil, they can burn unevenly, and take forever to get the temperature correct so they stick. When you use the waffle iron, the hash browns cook evenly and the clean-up time is a fraction of the frying pan. There isn’t any need to soak or clean up the grease; just wipe down the waffle iron, and you have the perfect egg companion.


Ham and cheese waffle sandwich


Great for lunch or dinner, you can use either bread or a croissant as a waffle to make this sandwich. Place the croissant on the waffle iron to toast the edges, then add the ham and cheese and place it in again. You can have a mouth-watering sandwich that has the perfect crispy edges to make this, a spectacular lunch or dinner


Vegetable waffles


It doesn’t sound like the best taste in the world, but it is. Use zucchini, red pepper and olives in a puree. Place all the ingredients you love in the blender. Pour the mixture into the waffle iron just like you would batter, and listen to the sizzle. Once the veggie waffles are done, add some goat cheese to the top and you have a unique and delicious gourmet “waffle” as a side or main dish.


Mac and cheese goodness


If you like fried mac and cheese, then the mac and cheese waffle is for you. It doesn’t matter which type you use; it can be boxed or homemade. Place the mac and cheese in the waffle iron and allow it to crisp. Unlike putting it in a pan, you don’t need the additional oil, and the ends won’t burn and taste a little yucky. Grilling your food to perfection, the waffle iron is the perfect place for mac and cheese goodness — who knew?


Tater tot waffles


Is there anything better than a tater tot? Apparently a tater tot waffle is. It is difficult to cook tater tots in the oven and get them just right. When you put them in the waffle iron, it is nearly impossible not to make them taste just awesome. Make them into waffle shapes and once you take them out, add a little sour cream and chives. The best-tasting waffles around, you will love tater tots in this fashion.


The waffle iron isn’t an appliance that you should pull out once or twice a year. It can do so much more. and you might even find that it can replace many appliances and allow you to ditch the expensive panini grill.