A clean home is a responsibility of every woman. We need a clean home with no toxic and germs. But, how many toxic ingredients we touch every day?
 Have you ever checked and considered about the ingredients of your cleaning products in the pantry? Usually I try to avoid products which contains harmful toxic agents such as ‘Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) ,1,4-dioxane ,NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate) ,Phosphates’. But these are the widely used detergent present in many cleaning items. These ingredients can be irritating to the eyes and skin. Also they are identified as cancer-causing chemicals which even some manufacturers don’t list on the label. It is impossible to avoid all these chemicals if we buy artificial cleaning products.

In my case, I am with a sensitive skin and easily get irritations to products. Therefore I always try to use natural products. Because I am a foreigner in Singapore, sometimes it is bit difficult to find products suits for me.That is because we are not aware of some products. So I have a practice to use products from Sri Lanka. Whenever I visit Sri Lanka, I buy these essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo for few months. But do you think it is possible to buy all dishwashing liquid, cleaning items from Sri Lanka and store them at home? That sounds bit funny, isn’t it? Yes, I always check the label before purchasing. But until recent, I didn’t find any cleaning product which doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Therefore dry & itchy skin is always a problem for me after washing the dishes & utensils.

Now I have a solution. Recently I started to use products from Envizyme which are 100% natural.

Envizyme’s Green Tree series of household cleaning solutions are made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes which are safe and environmentally friendly. They are non-toxic enzyme-based bio gradable cleaners and free from harmful chemicals.

Envizyme is a company based in Singapore with R&D in the science of enzymatic technology. They are very concern about the safety on the household cleaning products and the increasing contamination of water, soil and work environment. They aim to develop safe, natural, and environmentally friendly products that are effective and affordable.
Their Green Tree product series include,Laundry Liquid,Floor Clean Liquid,Delicate Laundry Liquid,All Purpose Cleaner,Dish washing Liquid and Foaming Hand Soap.
In this review I try to share my experience with Envizyme’s  All-purpose Cleaner and Dishwashing Liquid.

Envizyme’s Green Tree All Purpose Cleaner is made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes.It is suitable for any hard surfaces such as wall, floor, table, chair, stove top, cabinet, bins, sink top and glass, etc. It is one of the most versatile cleaner that can clean all home appliances and do not contain harmful chemicals.

See the below picture of my stove top just after a heavy cooking and after cleaning with  Envizyme’s Green Tree All Purpose Cleaner. It is really easy to use. Just Spray on the surface that requires cleaning and then wipe it off. No need to clean with water.

Did you notice the ingredients? This product contains Coconut Oil Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extract, Citric Acids, Fermented Alcohol, Lemon grass Lavender Orange Essential Oil & Aqua.

For me it was really easy to clean the stove top and pantry surfaces using Envizyme’s Green Tree All Purpose Cleaner.

The product’s key features are

·         Formulated to deliver powerful cleaning action

·         Made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes

·         Breaks down grease and all organic stains effectively

·         No harmful chemicals

·         pH balanced

·         Environmentally friendly

·         100% Biodegradable

·         Gentle on the skin

·         Deodorized Anti-bacterial

My recommendation: Highly recommended, I will buy this product again

Envizyme’s Green Tree Dishwashing Liquid is made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes that are safe for the family and environment. Also it is a natural cleaning solution that breaks down grease and grime into non-toxic substances which can be safely flushed into drains without polluting the environment. So, by using these products, we not only consider the clean and healthy environment of our family, we also support for our mother nature.

To use this product, simply apply directly onto sponge and clean.


This product contains Coconut Oil Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extract, Essential Lemon Oil, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid & Aqua and assure as a 100% natural product.

After using this for cleaning utensils,

I didn’t feel any dry or itchy skin. It was gentle on my hands. Another thing I noticed is, it was easily washed away. So it uses less water to rinse but all oily dishes were cleaned well.

Here are the key features of this product.

·         Made from natural fruits and vegetables enzymes

·         Environmentally friendly

·         100% Biodegradable

·         Superior cleaning action

·         Breaks down grease effectively

·         Rinse with less water

·         No harmful chemicals

·         pH balanced

·         Gentle on the skin

·         Anti-bacterial

·         Concentrated formula

·         Safe for you and our environment

My recommendation: Highly recommended, I will buy this product again.

Envizyme products are now available at leading Singapore supermarkets like Fairprice, Cold storage and other organic shops. Click here to find a supermarket near you.

Check their website www.envizyme.com.sg for more details of the products.

And wait for my next review on their other products. I will post them soon.

What is your idea about environmental friendly cleaning products? Do you use natural products or still it is artificial chemicals? I would like to know your experience and idea about cleaning products in the pantry.

Disclosure: I was provided with the products of above by the client.  However all comments, ideas, and opinions are my own true opinions.

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