First Birthday Card from
Do you like to receive a personalized greeting card that specially made for you?I really like if someone send that kind of card to me. 🙂
Few months ago, I ordered a card for Fathers day from Cardstore. After I received the card and after experiencing the excitement of sending personalized cards, I always use for Birthday cards. I used their service to send few birthday cards to my friends and family members during past months. Before reading this post,if you like to read my review and experience of creating a personalized greeting card,read my Review post about Father’s Day Greeting Card.
Lately, I received a free coupon for a card from Cardstore and I used that to create a customized Birthday Card for our son. The card was really nice and my son loves it.
First Birthday personalized Card from

Ordering a card with is really easy and a good idea to save time. We can use the service of to send the card directly to the recipient. That is a reason for me to select them to send Birthday cards to my family members and friends.

For our son’s Birthday card, I used two of his recent photos. Inside the card, we could write our own message. We received the card after about 10 days of ordering.

First Birthday personalized Greeting Card from

My Review & Ideas 



  • It is really easy to create a card with different designs they offer.   


  • Very convenient,specially when you don’t have time to shop for a card.


  • No need to worry about posting and handling with stamps.There is an option to select that will directly send the card to the recipient.


  • The quality of the card is really good.Sending a personalized card is a great gift for the receiver.


  • Cost is really reasonable.It is almost similar to the cost we have to bear when we purchase a card from a store & buy stamps to send them.And don’t forget there is a cost involve for transport if we go out even though it is smaller.


  • The most important fact for me is,I always created cards during mid night after I finished all my other work.However,I still managed to greet my loved ones without missing their birthdays or without giving excuses saying I am busy!


  • So far I don’t have any negative comments.I really love their service and I will use them in future too.

If you like to read more about creating a customized greeting card, read my review post and the post on how to make a personalized greeting card with

Birthday Party Invitation 

We organized a small party to celebrate his first Birthday.We used the same service to create our Birthday party invitation. Among the designs available, we selected a design which we can include three photos of him. We included photos of him in different ages during the past year.

Thank you card

Again it is I am addicted to make customized cards with them. It is really easy. They have many designs available. I selected this simple design and used a photo of Birthday boy and created the Thank you card.

There are many different designs available.But I liked this simple ‘Thank you’ note.

What do you think? For me these cards are memorable and after the party,I packed those in his memory box.He will be happy to see these cards when grown up.

If you are looking for greeting cards, just try them. Other than the easiness for me to send cards from home, I noticed the recipients of the cards were so excited to receive a card specially made for them. offers discounts and offers most of the time and you can also order cards when the price is low.

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