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Bada Iringu Kiribath / Sri Lankan Milk Rice with Fresh Corn

By |January 1st, 2013|

බඩ ඉරිඟු කිරිබත් Kiribath (MilkRice) is a traditional food from Sri Lanka, Kiribath is our ceremonial food which we cook for any festival or special occasion. Even today, before start any work for the New Year 2013, I cooked Kiribath (Milk Rice) as our breakfast.I have shared Kiribath recipes before. So I thought of sharing […]

Sri Lankan Cucumber Salad

By |December 18th, 2012|

Cucumber is a healthy veggie which can be used in different recipes. Salads are on top of the list. In Sri Lanka, we own different recipes for making salads. We, Sri Lankans eat most of the veggies and even greens as salads or as sambol. I guess eating raw is healthier than cooked dishes.This Sri […]

Nelum Ala Curry (Sri Lankan Lotus Root Curry)

By |December 18th, 2012|

Nelum Ala or Lotus Root is one of our favourites when it is cooked as a curry.The name of it is enough for me to feel hungry!There are different methods to use ‘Nelum Ala’ in a spicy recipe. In Sri Lanka, Lotus Root is not much bigger. But lotus root which we can buy here […]

Sri Lankan Bandakka Salada (Ladies Fingers / Okra Salad Recipe)

By |December 11th, 2012|

Bandakka or Lady Finger is a vegetable which has a watery taste. In Sri Lanka, we have different recipes with Bandakka (okra), however normally I cook another spicy dish if I cook bandakka. If not, it is difficult to match the taste of the meal. Few years ago I tasted Bandakka Salada in […]

Sri Lankan Bonchi Mallung or Kerala Green Bean Thoran?

By |December 7th, 2012|

  Bonchi Mallung? Actually I am not sure whether we cook Green Beans as mallung in Sri Lanka. Anyway I haven’t tasted any Bonchi Mallung when I was in Sri Lanka. Anyway this recipe is adapted from Kerala Green Bean Thoran Recipe. Kerala recipes are more similar to Sri Lankan recipes. Therefore it is very […]

Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry)

By |October 20th, 2012|

Saman curry or Sardine curry as we Sri Lankans call it commonly is a tinned fish curry. Mostly we use canned Mackerel for this curry. But same recipe can be used with any tinned fish. This Sri Lankan tinned Fish Curry is one of my favourites. It is easy to prepare & ready in few […]

Sri Lankan Devilled Chicken Recipe in Chef Duminda’s Style

By |October 16th, 2012|

Devilled Chicken

Devilled Chicken is a popular Sri Lankan Chicken recipe which mostly served with Fried Rice. This is one of the recipes I used to try most of the weekends, when I was in Sri Lanka. However with the time, I have forgotten this dish as now I have so many recipes book marked. Last […]

Sri Lankan Ginger Tea Recipe

By |October 11th, 2012|

Sri Lankan Ginger Tea is one of the popular recipes among Sri Lankans to use Ceylon Black Tea. We are proud of our Ceylon Tea, which is considered as a high quality tea around the world. This Ginger Tea Recipe is very simple, but my blog is not completed if I don’t post a Ceylon […]

Cowpea Salad

By |October 7th, 2012|

Kawpi or Cowpea is a popular breakfast in Sri Lanka. We eat grains as breakfast.  This Cowpea Salad is easy to prepare. Good as an appetizer, also good as breakfast. Ingredients: (for 5 portions)3 cups Cowpea1 tbs chilli flakes2-3 dry red chilli, cut into pieces2 springs Curry leaveshalf onion sliced1 tbs ginger,garlic paste1 tspn mustard seeds1-2 […]

Sri Lankan Style Fish Curry

By |October 1st, 2012|

Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by sea. Therefore, we receive fresh seafood daily. There are many different Sri Lankan seafood recipes.
Here is one of recipes for Sri Lankan fish curry. Most of the times, I cook fish as per this Sri Lankan Fish recipe, because we like its flavour & appearance.

Hope you enjoy preparing […]