DIY Cupcake Stand

Always Cupcakes are a great display item in a party or a gathering. I have seen many tutorials for DIY cupcake stands and thought of having one for me. Of course it is easy to buy. But this method is really simple and easy to make. Even this costs few dollars and can have few with different designs!

DIY Cupcake Stand
Recently I bought few colorful plates and they are ideal as a display for cupcakes.Here is how I did.
Items needed:
2 plastic plates of different sizes
1 Plastic cup (which is suitable with the height of the stand)
Strong Glue which is suitable to use with plastic

DIY Cupcake Stand

Find the center on the top & bottom of each plate
Flip the plastic cup upside down. Apply glue on bottom of the cup. Let it sit for 2 minutes before putting together.
Find the centre of the small sized plate. Apply some glue on the bottom of that plate. Then stick the bottom of the cup to bottom of the plate.
Allow to dry for few hours.
Keep this on top of the larger plate.(I did not glue it, just placed the glued tier on top of the larger plate)
Yeh! It is done!! 
DIY Cupcake Stand

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