‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’ is the new event from Food Corner.
Though we cook everyday & share them on our blogs or facebook pages, there are some simple tricks that we can use to improve the quality of the meals. Professional Chefs always use their own techniques to make their customers happy, and keep them coming back.
How if we can create a meal for the family, which looks like a meal or dish tasted in a restaurant? This event is created to try some ideas, recipes & techniques from Celebrity Chefs you admire and to see how your family, guests & even fans/followers of blogs react to your wonderful culinary delights.


So, here are the event details or rules/Blog ethics to follow.

1)      Cook any dish, which you found in a cooking show/magazine or a website, which is introduced by a Chef.
2)       Mention about the Chef in your post & give back links/credits to him/her where necessary.
3)      Please consider about presentation style of your dish as this event is to ‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’
4)      Event duration is 24th October– 30th  November.
5)      Link any number of veg or non-veg posts using the link tool provided.
6)       A link to this event announcement is mandatory.
7)       Use of logo is highly appreciated.
8)      Entries should be posted during the event period. Archived entries are allowed if they are re-posted & updated with a back link to this announcement.
9)      Entries with most views will be featured in Pinterest & Food Corner Facebook page time to time.

10)  If you become a follower of Food Corner, then leave a comment. I can follow you back.
I cant wait until I see your entries!!
Cook like a Celebrity Chef! & enjoy this event.
Have a nice day!!