Now this is the Contest details you were waiting for!
Marine Chemicals is the largest Agar Agar  manufacturer & exporter in India. They have a range of products suitable for manufacture of Confectionery, Jellies, Candies, Ice creams, Sweets industries, Glazing and Icing Coatings, Piping Jellies & many other innovative products. 

Currently they supply their products to most of the leading, confectionery manufacturers and companies in India. & other countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, USA, Vietnam, Venezuela, etc 
Recently I received samples of their Agar Agar powder. This sachet comes with 25g Agar Agar powder and suitable for any Agar Agar recipes. I found this size of pack is convenient because we do not use much Agar Agar in a recipe.


Behind the sachet, they have given a detailed description of how to use their product including relevant quantities. So, there will not be any problem when use it into a recipe.

Agar Agar by Marine Chemicals is a 100% vegetarian product & it is also a Halal product. I am sure this is a great news for my vegetarian friends & some others who seek Halal products!
These few days, I prepared few desserts using Agar Agar by Marine Chemicals. This was a Agar Agar powder which I could work easily with my dessert recipes. Main thing I like is,It did not stick into the pan. The instruction was already given in the Sachet asking to drain Agar Agar once dissolved. So, it was really easy to prepare my dessert in few minutes.
Please check the below dessert recipes done by using Meron Agar Agar.
I am sure you all like to try different colourful Agar Agar recipes & also try your chance to win Agar Agar
Now here are the exciting details! Marine Chemicals agreed to sponsor few gifts for a contest. 

5 winners will be selected according to votes they will gain.

1st prize – A gift pack containing 6 Agar Agar packets by Marine Chemicals
2nd prize- A gift pack containing 5 Agar Agar packets by Marine Chemicals
Another 3 gifts for 3rd,4th & 5th place winners,each  containing 4 packets Agar Agar by Marine Chemicals.

Other than above gifts, there will be few blog awards for participation.
Blog Awards will be given for,
1. All 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th place winners.
2. The best attractive recipe
(This will be selected by the no. of comments they receive in final contest album. If you can create a good discussion about your recipe, below your recipe post, then you are the one to get most attraction! You are eligible to post comments below your post as replies & they also will be counted for selection)
3. Participation Award

Please note, all the award winners are not eligible for gifts. Gifts are only for first 5 winners.

Below are the contest details. Please follow the mandatory rules to entitle for the contest.

1.Prepare any recipe using Agar Agar & post it in your blog.(Agar Agar only,Gelatin is not allowed)
(You can copy paste above words in your post easily including the links)
3.Usage of the event logo is mandatory.
4.Then link your recipe here using the linky tool given below.
5.After that select your best photograph of the Agar Agar recipe which you want to submit for the final contest in Facebook.(Mandatory)
Visit ‘Marine Chemicals – THE AGAR SPECIALIST’-facebook page. Like the page. Then post your selected photo in their wall including the link for the recipe.(Mandatory)
6.Contest period for prepare & submit recipes is December 16th, 2012 to January 31st,2013.
Within first few days of February, we will post all the photos in an album in either Food Corner facebook page or Marine Chemicals – THE AGAR SPECIALIST’-facebookpage. We will let you know that by email.
7.Final contest would run 2 weeks for votes(in February). You can ask friends & fans for vote for you. Votes are counted by the number of likes & only from the final contest album.
8.After the 2 weeks contest period, we will select the winners!!!
9.Eligible countries are ‘USA, India, Canada and Middle East countries’.
10.You can send any number of posts for the contest. However you are eligible for only one gift.
(ex: if you get most votes & qualify for both 1st & 2nd place, you will only get the 1st place.3rd place winner will be selected for the 2nd place gift)
Please feel free to contact me via for any clarifications.
Hope you all will participate with this contest to showcase your talents with Agar Agar recipes.
Good Luck everyone!!
 (Note:I will link few Agar Agar recipes,but I am not in this contest)


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