Summer Treats to Beat the Heat

It is too hot here. There is nothing better than a cold snack or a drink in a hot summer day. I gathered few of my favourite summer treats here, some are summer desserts and some are frozen treats. Most of these summer treats are perfect to make with kids too.
Summer Treats to Beat the Heat-Watermelon and Orange Juice
Watermelon and Orange Juice-How to forget watermelon during summer! Add some watermelon together with orange juice and prepare it as a drink. Chill and serve. You are ready to go. Don’t forget to use some beautiful drinking glassesif you serve this for a guest.
Summer Treats to Beat the Heat-Drinkable fruit salad

Drinkable Fruit salad-This is a fun treat where you can serve it as a dessert or even as a drink. Use some fruits of your choice instead of all described in the recipe. Once prepared, serve this with a fork or a spoon, so the person can enjoy fruit pieces while drinking the juice. This may be a fun summer treat for kids too.

Summer Treats to Beat the Heat-Mango with honey and yogurt
Mango with Honey and Yogurt-A yummy, sweet and easy dessert to prepare in few minutes! Instead of Mangoes, add any fruit of your choice. Drizzle some honey over yogurt and fruits.You are ready to serve. If you use this for a summer party, use some transparent cups, so the fruit & yogurt layers will add some extra brightness to the summer party!
Summer Treats to Beat the Heat-Orange yogurt popsicles

Orange yogurt Popsicles How to forget frozen pops during summer? Get some Popsicle Moulds ,prepare orange juice. Add yogurt and orange juice to the moulds and freeze! You are ready with a fun frozen treat. The best is, this is a good treat where kids can involve. If you cannot find Popsicle moulds,try this with shot glasses and Wooden Treat Sticks
Summer Treats to Beat the Heat-Ice cream pie

Cherry ice cream pie with chocolate cookie crust-A great frozen treat if you look for a summer dessert!

Finally,throw a summer party or prepare some Food gifts for your friends and family!
Enjoy this summer!

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