If you are someone who has a refined taste of good food and beverages, Florida is the best place to be. I will tell you five good places where you will keep recommending friends and family to try out. There are many restaurants but I will give you the best in this state.

1.    La Hacienda de San Angel restaurant
This is a restaurant with an exciting view and it is located in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion and it is colorful with tequila cocktails and a plate of shrimp tacos just to name a few delicacies in the menu. This is the best spot to view Walt Disney most exciting and wonderful fireworks display, as the explosion goes through the air all eyes turn to the glass windows ignoring the waiter holding a dessert of chocolate churros. With illuminations I call it a dinner and a show. One of the best places to enjoy your foodies as you has an exciting and amazing view.

2. Bâoli Miami

This is a restaurant located along Miami Beach which is a Mediterranean and International cuisine. An export from the French Rivera makes it one of the hippest new restaurants in Miami. The chef creatively takes advantage of local and fresh ingredients to create inventive sea food dishes .The location is intimate and romantic with an open air garden at the back to make you feel the fresh air as you enjoy your foodies and beverages. It also has a night club which is a hot ticket in Florida.

3. The Bazaar by José Andrés at SLS Hotel South Beach

This restaurant is located inside the hot new SLS Hotel in South Beach. It is world renowned from the art of cookery with a vibrant mix of sophisticated and inventive Latin and Spanish cuisine. Apart from the exotic drinks and beverages the restaurant was designed to evoke a Modern European Indoor Piazza. It has playful indoor and outdoor lounge spaces. As you enjoy your foodies you will enjoy a collection of imaginative art of cookery that offers first class cookies and delicious wines and liquor. It blends tradition and skill in true Spanish style and mixes with influence of Latin’s rich flavor and History

 4. Fly Bar & Restaurant

This is a restaurant located in Tampa and serves delicacies of fusion and eclectic cuisine .This restaurant is a unique place to have delicious foodies, great music and art and have a funky vibe. The place has a fun filled spirit and sometimes gets crowded. Apart from the great food, the prices are reasonable and there is a lot of fun and comfortable feel as you enjoy your foodies.

5. Juvia Restaurant

This is a giant ten thousand square foot restaurant with a cuisine which is a mix of Japanese, Peruvian and French dishes with a present twist of excellent cooking .It has a dining room which features a vertical garden and a lounge with indoor and outdoor space. The restaurant serves a harmonious blend of regional cuisines of Asia, the tremulous flavors of South America and classic French techniques in form of fresh sea food and prime meats. 

With these few restaurants enjoying your foodies will be great with a different variety of cuisine and spectacular views and environment which will make your meals and drinks more appetizing and feel good relaxed taste.

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