Finally, I published an ebook.I am happy to share this exciting news with you.

Blogging is interesting and always give me much more happiness throughout the day. During this few years I learned much about blogging and internet marketing. Finally I thought of sharing my experience with other fellow bloggers.

I have 2 exciting news.

  • I am launching a new blog to share information and tips helpful for bloggers.I named this new blog as ‘The Blogventures’.It is like Adventures of Blogging. So, I came up with that name. 🙂
  • Same time I wrote an ebook. This ebook is written specially for beginner & Intermediate level bloggers who like to establish as an authority blogger. You can read more about this ebook here-Successful Blogging

To celebrate the launching of this ebook, I am offering a 50% discount for the first 50 copies
Also the ebook comes with 2 free ebooks which are helpful for any blogger.

Below are just some of things you’ll learn inside this ebook -Successful Blogging

•    The biggest mistakes to avoid in blogging
•    How to select domain names and blogging platforms
•    The way of writing interesting content
•    How to attract more traffic to your blog
•    SEO and Page Ranking
•    How to increase the readability of your blog
•    How to use the power of social media
•    Methods to monetize the blog

And many more including helpful tips for bloggers

Click here to read more details about the ebook Successful blogging