Usually when we visit Sri Lanka for a holiday, we arrange a family trip with all family members. Few years ago when we went to Sri Lanka, we visited Polonnaruwa, but couldn’t book accommodation early. While we were looking for a hotel, my brother met one of his friends and he suggested a local home where we all could stay for a reasonable charge. Actually that was a nice place and we had a homely experience with the family who serve the guests in their home. It was a relaxing tour and we felt that way is much better than staying in a luxury hotel.  So, even in our recent holiday in Sri Lanka ,we did the same and stayed with a local family guest in Anuradhapura. But I have a problem with this. Though it is relaxing to stay and spend a tour with locals, it was not easy to organize that before we go to the place. The main reason was we couldn’t find any data base to plan our trip with locals. 

Now I want to plan my next Sri Lanka holiday and found a wonderful site which is easy to organize my trip before I go to the place. It is Withlocals.
With Withlocals, you can experience food,tour or activities with locals of that place.
Withlocals  connects travelers with locals through food and experiences across Sri Lanka,Malaysia,Nepal,Singapore,Thailand,Vietnam and Indonesia.It is a great way to explore a new destination with real experience and even it is easy to find hidden places to visit via these people.
Now we have a plan to visit Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka in our next holiday. So, I bookmarked few places and activities we can do during our trip from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya.
I want to have spicy but delicious food from a Sri Lankan home. The site provides contacts of locals who arrange local food for a reasonable price.
It is nice if I can experience the cooking with a local family.
During this tour,I want to pay a visit to Pinnawala Elephant orphanage.


Spice Gardens would be another great place to visit.
In, Nuwara Eliya,I want to visit a Tea estate and have real experience of plucking tea with those ladies who work there. I am sure that would be a great experience.
Thanks to Withlocals, I am able to find few contacts and plan my trip before the tour with a great confidence.
If you are in one of the hosting countries in Asia, you can become a host too.Check the site and it is easy to become a host.
Next time, if you visit one of these countries mentioned above, don’t forget to have experience with locals.
Anyway, I have a question. Actually, what do you prefer when you travel? Do you like to visit the country and stay in a luxury hotel or do you really want to explore the country through their food, destinations and activities? Please share your thoughts.