Today our competition for the ‘Food of the month- August’ was closed.It was a happy & funful event.And as always I am really enjoying by hosting this event.

Actually there is no gift (with monetory value) for the winners.However in this way my facebook page is a platform for sharing & exchanging other’s recipes.I think that is the most valuable gift which I can give for all my foodie friends.

Now I am going to announce the winners!!

Here is the winner of the Month!!!!

Vintage Vera’s Peach Cobbler attracted most of the votes.See their work in their page Vintage Vera … Congratulations!!!!

This is the winner photo of Vintage Vera.Visit their page for more recipes.

The second place winner is Running with the devil(ed) eggs submitted Taco Tators

Here is the third place winner!!! Supper Club submitted The Hershey Cake won the third place.And this cake was a main subject in our contest.Many were started asking the recipe. 🙂 I guess now they found the recipe from Supper Club.

Below all got the similar votes & here is the ‘Good Job Award’ for them.

They are,

a)  Brasilian Recipes & other delectable delights from around the world

b) Chef in disguise

c) Everyday Mom’s Meals

d) Running with the Devill(ed) Eggs

Congratulations everybody !!!!!

And I hope your participation & support for the  Food Corner as always.

Friends,have a look at the pages/blogs which I have mentioned here.They share a lot of good foods.

Have a nice weekend!!