Food Garnishing is always fun & it gives a nice appearence to the food.
I always like to try simple ,quick & easy methods to garnish my food.

This is another example for simple garnishing.

A Flower bunch from a Carrot

Use about 2-3 inch piece of carrot,peel it & wash.

Cut & remove some strips from the carrot as below picture.And there should be five strips removed.

Now just slice the carrot.You can see few flower shapes.If you use to decorate a salad,add some salt & pepper & mix with these slices before you use.

Final decoration is as you wish.Here I used a part of spring onion as a plant.

A Flower bunch from a Carrot

A Flower bunch from a Carrot

Ready in the plate ,waiting for the dish

I used these flowers to garnish a rice dish.