Congradulations everybody!!!!
Now I am going to publish the winners of the week ending July 15th.

Here is the winner!!!! Congradulations Mia’s Domain. Her Chocolate Mousse look so delicious & it won the 1st place…Here is the link for recipe.You can try to make it & check the recipe here

Here is the 2nd place winner.I want to say the gap between the 1st place & 2nd place is one vote.Oh so competitive.

Ok….our 2nd place goes to Running With the Deviled Eggs

This is the winning photo Club Sandwich meet grilled Cheese- Mash up release party.Check her blog post here

We have two 3rd places.They gained similar votes.

Our 3rd place goes to ‘Raspberry Crisp’dish made by Everyday Moms Meals.Congradulations!!! And check her blog post here

This is her submission of Raspberry Crisp.

Ok.As I told we have two 3rd places.And this the next winner.It is ‘Red Velvet Cheese Cake’ submitted by Missy Husted.Check the recipe & her blog here. Congradulations Missy!!!!

This is her winning photo.

This Mutton Biriyani dish submitted by Parveen Cuisine won the 5th place.It look so delicious and here is the recipe for you to try.Pl check the recipe here.

This is the picture which won the 5th place.

The competition was so warm.We have another submission which gained similar votes.So we have two 5th places.

Beer battered Fried Green Tomatos by Everyday Moms Meals won the other 5th place.Congradulations!!!

Check the recipe of how to make this dish here

And here is the photo of ‘Beer battered Fried Green Tomatos’

Congradulations All!!! And wish you good luck for your journey!!

Hope you all enjoyed the contest same as me.And dont forget these all wining photos will go to ‘Food of the Month’ Contest at the end of the month.

So keep in touch & one of you may be selected as food of the month.

Thanks again for the others who voted & made this event successfull!!!