Did you know that what we eat affects the health of our body? Yes?! Ok well, did you know that there are certain foods that can have a direct effect on our skin? Well, its true, experts say that certain natural foods will do as much for your appearance as it will for your inner health. Certain vitamins and enzymes, such as, Beta Carotene/ Vitamin A, Antioxidants and Fatty Acids are necessities for our skin to function at its best. So why not help your body get these vital nutrients?
Since showing off your luminous skin this spring starts with putting the right food in your mouth, here are some foods that can help.

Dairy / Low Fat Yogurt – Vitamin A
Dermatologists say that “anything that helps keep digestion normal, live bacteria or enzymes, is going to be reflected in healthy-looking skin.” Apart from digestion, diary has a high concentration of “true vitamin A”. Generally when Vitamin A is deficient its because your body is not able to convert Beta Carotene to Vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the skin from photoaging by fortifying each cell against damage as well encouraging cell growth so the skin repairs itself. In high concentrations, Vitamin A can draw water to the surface of the skin which prevents the skin from becoming dry and dull.

Pomegranates, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Plums – Antioxidants
It’s common knowledge that oxidation happens throughout nature, most likely you’ve witnessed oxidation if you’ve seen a peeled apple, brown after a few minutes. Antioxidants are very good for our body, but what do they actually do for our skin? Well they protect the skin by combating free radicals and protecting collagen, which is the foundation for blood vessels and connective tissues. These delicious fruits are extremely valuable to our skin’s health because they all contain the highest total antioxidant capacity of any foods.
Salmon, Fish Oil, Walnuts, Canola Oil, Avocados and Flaxseeds – Fatty Acids
People are always trying to stay away from fatty foods, however, there is certain fats that are healthy, such as, Omega 3 and fatty acid. Fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes that act as a barrier from free radicals, acts as a pathway for nutrients to get in and waste particles to get out. A healthy level of fatty acids will protect against sun damage and free radicals, these two things are known to lead to pre-mature aging and even cancer. Omega 3 fatty acids are great because they have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve sunburns, rashes and eczema. Omega 3s are also known to keep your scalp and hair lustrous.

Tomatoes, Eggs, Tuna, Shellfish, Wheat Germ, Whole Wheat – Selenium
Selenium is one of those minerals that became popular because of its anti-oxidant properties. Several researchers say that sun damage has less harmful effects with people that have high levels of Selenium. It is key to maintain a healthy level of this nutrient as it can have some adverse properties if taken as a supplement. Research is not conclusive on how Selenium works in the body.

Even though it is easy to find these essential nutrients in vitamin form at any drugstore, several diet experts have encouraged people to eat their nutrients. Mixing these nutrients in your diet, particularly raw foods, give an additional benefits such as, live enzymes, fiber and additional hydration. Another key tip to ingesting healthy foods is to look at your plate of food, is it colorful? Variety of color in foods is a sure sign that your meal is rich with a variety of essential nutrients.
When altering your diet, it is important to consult a medical professional about your specific dietary needs.

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