Men are usually very simple people. They don’t ask much, and are generally appreciative of whatever you give them as long is it came from you. This doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them something as a gift. If you really want to put some thought into it, check out these gift guide for 5 great items you can give that special man in your life.

1.Get him a handmade cigar

He doesn’t even need to be a smoker, cigars are one of those premium gift items that never gets old. It’s classy and elegant and will always make a good gift to any guy. If your loved one is an aficionado, no doubt he’ll thank you a lot, just make sure to know his preferences! Otherwise, it’s always a cool item to give away. Cigars come in different lengths and sizes, and also varies in strength – mild, medium, or full. Learn more about them on Better Cigar and see what other accessories you can get along with it!


2. Cook his favorite food

Chicken Stir Fry with Vegetables

As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Impress him more by cooking his favorite dish. Too bad if you can’t cook, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the effort. If you can’t decide what set to prepare for a nice and cozy candlelit dinner, Google is your best friend. No, Facebook is. Buzzfeed features a ton of helpful cooking videos that’s fit for any theme, you’d be excited just by watching them. If you want something basic and easy to prepare, a three-course chicken dinner is your best bet! Bacon wrapped, asparagus, chicken in creamy tuscan sauce, and skillet cookie for desert will surely blow his mind. Cap it off with a goblet of sparkling wine and congratulations for further securing a place in his heart!


3. Introduce him to gardening

great gifts for the man in your life

If you have a patch of yard in your home, why not introduce gardening to your partner? You can get him a starter kit that includes basic gardening tools like gloves, trowel, weeder, shears, and even seeds and fertilizer. Who knows he might have a dormant green thumb? You’ll be showered in flora in no time!


4. Bring in something personalized


There are tons of personalized gift items online that your partner will definitely enjoy. From cups, to towels, to the even more sophisticated types like custom frosted beer mugs or plush robes, the possibilities are endless. If your man loves to cook, why not give him a wooden chopping board with custom engraving? For the techy one, a leather gadget organizer with his name letterpressed on it is a classy choice.  


5. Treat him to a awesome vacation


Enjoy a weekend together in the beach! Or if you don’t want to go too far, book a relaxing staycation in the city. It’s a great way to reward your man for all his efforts at work, and also a perfect chance to just rest together and chill. There are several discount vouchers you can choose from so enjoy the days to the fullest!