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‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’ is the new event from Food Corner. I am really happy to see that this event become popular and receiving more entries now.
Though we cook everyday & share them on our blogs or facebook pages, there are some simple tricks that we can use to improve the quality of the meals. Professional Chefs always use their own techniques to make their customers happy, and keep them coming back. So, the basic idea behind this event is to improve our culinary skills.

With this month event, I have a good news to share with you. That is, I am in a Cookbook project with Chef Duminda, a celebrity chef from Sri Lanka. We are working hard on that & we will be able to publish our cookbook soon.

Cookbook of Chef Duminda and Amila

Thank you all my fellow friends, you all helped me to make this event a success. Please accept below award for participating with last month’s event. If you didn’t join with the event last month, I cannot post this month’s announcement. So, you are behind the success of this event and I want to appreciate that with this blog award.


Our Top Contributor from last event is Kausers Kitchen She sent 9 recipes with a stylePlease accept this award for being the Top Contributor.

It was hard to decide the Best Food stylist. But using most views, likes received from other social media and using my own view and a third party judge, we could decide who the best Food Stylist is. Food Styling and food presentation is part of the culinary skills which we need to grow. Also, it is a part of the theme behind this event. Before anybody taste the food, it should be appealing. By considering all these facts,

The Best Food Stylist is Sanoli from Sanoli’s Kitchen for her Aam-Ras recipe.I hope you all would agree with us for this selection.

Sanoli,please accept below award for your lovely presentation.

Now, this is the hardest decision we had to take. All the recipes submitted are great. It was really hard to decide on a best recipe among all. For the best recipe, we considered the below parameters.

-Nutritional value of the recipe
-Presenting skills
-How clear the instructions are
-Time consuming and adjusting with daily busy life
-Any special advantages from that recipe
-How it is matching with the theme of ‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’
Other than that, we considered the no of views that recipe has gained from the listed recipes and likes, sharing gained from social media.

After a hard process, The Best Recipe is Panna Cotta With Cherry Sauce from Pramitha

Congratulations!!Please accept below award.

Thank you all my friends for your participation. I hope you all will join with this month event too.
Below is the all recipes linked for the December event.

Now come back to January event. I hope there will be more cooking with the New Year 2013.

Here are the rules to participate with this event.

1) Cook any dish, which you found in a cooking show/magazine or a website, which is introduced by a Chef. Also you can cook any of your recipes, but in a chef style.

2) Mention about the Chef in your post & give back links/credits to him/her where necessary.

3) Please consider about presentation style of your dish as this event is to ‘Cook like a Celebrity Chef’

4)  Event duration is 1st January– 31st January 2013

5) Link any number of veg or non-veg posts using the link tool provided.

6) A link to this event announcement is mandatory. Sorry, those with no link to this post will be removed.If you are new to link inserting & not sure what it is,simply copy paste the below code in your recipe post as it is.

7) Use of logo is highly appreciated.

8) Entries should be posted during the event period. Archived entries are allowed if they are re-posted & updated with a backlink to this announcement.

9) Entries with most views will be featured in Pinterest & Food Corner Facebook page time to time. At the end of the month, I will select award winners for above awards.

10) If you become a follower of Food Corner, then leave a comment. I can follow you back.

I can’t wait until I see your entries!!

Cook like a Celebrity Chef! & enjoy this event.

Have a nice day and a Happy New year 2013!!