Hearty Carrot and Corn Salad

I thought of sharing a healthy salad recipe for this Valentine’s Day. Among all heart shaped romantic looking desserts, my post is not a sweet treat. It is a simple carrot and corn salad garnished with heart shaped carrots.

Hearty Carrot and Corn Salad

If you consider healthy eating, adding different colour to your meal is essential. As you know, carrot really helps our eyesight. This is simply due to the beta-carotene in it which gives the orange color to carrot. Also carrot is rich with vitamin A in large amounts in the form of beta carotene. And of course, not only for me, for many others carrot is considered as one of the top most salad requirements due to its taste, colour and benefits. How about you? Do you like to add carrot in your salad?

Hearty Carrot and Corn Salad

For this hearty salad, I also added some sweet corn and baby corn. Instead of removing corn from cob, I used frozen corn. It is really easy to have some frozen corn and use when necessary.
Usually I buy baby corn each week and the most favourite way of mine is to use baby corn in fried rice or fried vermicelli. But this time, I used it on a salad and found it as a good idea. 

Anyway, before adding to the recipe, I blanched baby corn in hot water just to remove the raw taste.

Here is my recipe for hearty carrot and corn salad. Don’t forget to use heart shaped carrots to garnish the salad.


1 carrot (medium sized)
1 cup sweet corn
2-3 baby corn
1 green chili
1 medium size onion
Lettuce leaf for garnishing

1 tspn olive oil 
Salt and pepper as required


First using about 1 inch part of the carrot .Cut few heart shapes from the carrot for garnishing.
Steam the remaining carrot till it is soft. Once it is done, cut into bite size pieces and place on a serving plate.
Add corn and sweet corn into hot water and keep about 1 minute.
Slice sweet corn into small pieces.
Add sweet corn slices and sweet corn into the same serving plate.
Slice onion and green chili and add to the same plate.

Add salt & Pepper.
Drizzle about 1 tspn olive oil and mix well.
Serve the carrot, corn salad garnished with carrot hearts.