Pipingnga Cucumber Salad Sri Lanka

Cucumber is a healthy veggie which can be used in different recipes. Salads are on top of the list. In Sri Lanka, we own different recipes for making salads. We, Sri Lankans eat most of the veggies and even greens as salads or as sambol. I guess eating raw is healthier than cooked dishes.
This Sri Lankan Cucumber Salad is a really simple & easy salad, which well goes with rice and curry. Adjust the quantities as per taste & serving requirement, I am sure you would like to eat a raw cucumber salad in Sri Lankan style.

Ingredients (2-3 servings)
1/2 Cucumber
2-3  green chilli sliced
1 medium sized onion sliced
Salt & pepper  to taste
lime juice (1-2 tspn ,as per taste)
Remove the skin of the cucumber. Cut into small slices.
Mix sliced chilli and onion with cucumber.
Add salt & pepper as per taste.Add lime juice.
Mix all together.
Cucumber salad is ready to serve.
Prepare this just before serving.Add 1-2 tbspn coconut cream or 1-2 tbspn yogurt for a different  taste.

Shared at Your Green Resource event