Healthy Breakfast idea-Mango and Banana Smoothie

I love mango in any recipe. During the mango season, I try different recipes with mangoes. This Mango and Banana smoothie is another easy and healthy smoothie recipe with Mango which I found as delicious.Usually I prepare this for breakfast or even as a snack during the day. With added banana, this smoothie becomes more rich and creamy. Even I heard that this is good as a weight loss smoothie. So, if you are in concern of losing weight, why don’t you try this as a healthy breakfast idea?

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Weight loss smoothie-Mango and Banana Smoothie
Here is the easy recipe for Mango and Banana Smoothie.
Ingredients (for 1 full glass)
1 ripe mango
1 banana
½ cup plain yoghurt
½ cup fresh milk
Peel and slice mango and banana into small pieces.
Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.
Add a sweetener if need (optional)
Add some ice cubes and serve.

Healthy snack-Mango and Banana Smoothie

Do you found this as a healthy drink? I love to read comments.Please share your thoughts below.

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