Sri Lankan Fresh Milk Tea recipe
If Milk Powder is too expensive in Sri Lanka, use fresh milk!
Oh! My today post started like a political talk, isn’t it? 🙂 No, I hate politics and I don’t want to talk about those politicians in my recipe posts. But I do have my own ideas. This is a post I wanted to share from some time. I remember once I received lot of forwarding emails from friends about rising price of Milk Powder. In this week I am receiving a same email from different friends about a Sri Lankan Milk powder brand and health risk of it. So, finally I decided to share this post and this post is specially for Sri Lankans. I am not sure how many Sri Lankans will read this, but I hope at least one person will get the benefit.

Tea with Fresh Milk

Tea with Fresh Milk

Sri Lankan Tea
Yes, price is rising. Also milk powder is not healthy. Then there should have a solution.
One is, don’t drink milk tea, can you? In Sri Lanka, there are people actually they don’t like milk tea because of the taste. But most others want milk in their tea. So, here I talk about those who want milk in their tea.
There is another option. Use fresh milk instead of Milk powder. (Ah,I forgot to say that most Sri Lankans are addicted to imported milk powder, not to fresh milk. Among the Milk powder brands, most like to buy the brands which is the highest in price.)
If I say, drink fresh milk, there are few common and practical problems.
1) Where to buy fresh milk easily?
2) How to make a milk tea with fresh milk avoiding the sweetish taste and strong aroma? –yes, personally I don’t like the few teas (with fresh milk) I have tasted in Sri Lanka during my life time. I remember, they were very strong with aroma. I am not sure how they prepared the tea. (My family & relatives), but I didn’t like it at all.
However later, in around 2005, (after I married) I tried pasteurized milk.(Kal Kiri)
It was easily available in groceries and I started to use it and below is my recipe and proportions are as per our taste. The taste was good and even my husband who is a picky eater liked the taste. On the other way, it was budget friendly than using milk powder. Also Fresh milk is always healthier than powdered milk.
Now, here in Singapore, we buy fresh milk for the same reasons. That is Healthy, budget friendly and tasty. Please do your own calculations for a month’s milk consumption and see the difference of price when you use fresh milk. I am not going to share the exact price calculation here as I obtained Sri Lankan prices online and not sure how accurate they are.
kal kiri
Here I use store bought fresh milk or refer to pasteurized milk (kal kiri) in Sri Lanka. Still in Sri Lanka, we can buy fresh milk from the farmer. There are options!
Ok, today I talked a lot before the recipe. Do I have qualifications to be a politician? lol
No never!
I wish this recipe will be seen by at least one Sri Lankan and at least one Sri Lankan will convert to use fresh milk instead of milk powder. 

Here are the recipes in both English & Sinhala.

Method 1

The first recipe gives a perfect cup of tea. But it takes few more minutes to prepare as we need to steep black tea in a separate tea pot or cup.
 kal kiri recipe
 Here is the Sinhala translation for above recipe.
 කිරි තේ (නැවුම් කිරි භාවිතා  කරමින් )
 Still it is easy to prepare a perfect cup of tea with this method.Step by step pictures are shown below.
Milk Tea
Method 2 – The easiest
Milk Tea
This method is so easy and tea is made by only using one saucepan.So, number of utensils for cleaning is lesser. If you feel lazy, here is the idea.Still,taste is good with this method.Adjust the quantities as per taste.
Milk Tea recipe Sri Lanka
Here is the Sinhala translation for above Milk Tea recipe.
කිරි තේ (නැවුම් කිරි භාවිතා  කරමින් )
Here are the steps for a milk tea with fresh milk.
What do you think? I would like to hear how you prepare a cup of milk tea. Is it using milk powder or fresh milk?