Lime Barley Drink Recipe

This is an easy and refreshing drink.Barley is believed to have cooling effects and reduce the heatness of the body.Home cooked Barley drink is always healthy & tasty.This drink can be served as either hot drink or as a cold drink.

Barley Drink Recipe

Here is the recipe for Lime Barley drink.

Ingredients: (for 2 small serving glasses)

1 cup of pearl barley
2 small limes (or as per taste)
2 cups water
sugar as required


Wash & drain barley.

Lime Barley Drink Recipe

Add water.Cover & cook in high flame for about 8 minutes.
Once it is cooked,lower to medium flame & cook for another 15-20 minutes.
Switch off and remove from the flame.
Add sugar as per taste and allow to cool  for about 1 hour.
Cut limes into half.Squeeze the juice into barley drink.
Add some ice cubes if required.
Serve & enjoy!

Lime Barley Drink Recipe

Tip: Add lemon instead of lime,so that it is with another different taste

Lime Barley Drink Recipe

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