Indian Food at Delhi Restaurant-Little India

Last weekend, we wanted to taste Indian Food and headed over to Little India where we can find lot of Indian restaurants serving different authentic Indian food .This time we walked along the Race Course road finding a place for dining. The massive front door which shows great Indian designs attracted my eyes and we decided to check that restaurant which is Delhi Restaurant.
Delhi Restaurant, one of the nominated Singapore’s 100 best restaurants has one of the branches in the heart of little India, Race Course road. Founded in 1988 by a husband & wife team, Delhi Restaurant is popular for truly authentic Indian Cuisine.They are specialized for North Indian Mughlai & Kashmiri cuisine.

Delhi Restaurant-Little India
Once we entered into the restaurant, the arrangement was eye pleasing with elegant Indian styled decors. The spacious and cozy surrounding was inviting. Without thinking further we decided to taste some authentic Indian food there while spending some quality time enjoying the food.
We took some time to select our food while checking more details of those foods from the menu. The staff at Delhi Restaurant was friendly and there were no much people inside. It was a calm place and allowed us some time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
There menu was presented in digital form providing ipads for each table which I feel comfortable to select and order.
We first received some crispy Papad together with a mint dip and some onion chili mixture. We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala which is a stir fried combination of chicken tikka, onions and capsicum.Also ordered Ginger fish. It is a dish of Corn flour batter fried fish tossed with spices and ginger.Kashmiri Pulao and vegetable fried rice are the other food we ordered. With all I wanted to try Bandung (Rose milk) as the drink.
Until the food is prepared, we tasted crunchy papad, although we didn’t eat onion & chili mix, we liked mint dip together with papad. Ok, to be honest we don’t like to eat fresh onion when we are outside mainly because of the bad breath it gives. If not, we eat it at home.
Delhi Restaurant-Little India
Till our food is served, we enjoyed the surrounding. The table arrangement was really attractive with decorative place mats. The ceiling of the restaurant was decorated with some beautiful decorated lamps and designs. Indian style classic wall decors were ideal with the cozy environment.
Once food is arrived, we couldn’t resist the aroma of it which made us hungry.
The fried rice is a special dish cooked with basmathi rice.It gave some different taste than what we have eaten before.
Indian Food at Delhi Restaurant-Little India
Kashmiri pulav is basmati rice cooked with dry food and saffron. The spice blend gave a good aroma with a flavourful taste in mouth. When I order this, I had a doubt about the taste. Actually, it is worth to try because of the flavor.
Chicken Tikka Masala was with flavourful aroma and we couldn’t wait more to try. It is a stir fry with chicken tikka and could taste rich gravy. The gravy had a milkfish taste and some flavours of spice blends. It was not too spicy.
Finally, ginger fish was my favourite dish among the food we tried. It had the taste of ginger, but not too harsh. Fish was deep fried with a corn batter so that we could feel the taste of fried fish though it was mixed with a mix of spices and ginger.
This is the first time I tried Rose milk (Bandung).The taste was so creamy and sweet. I liked it much and want to try again.
It was a satisfying lunch in a beautiful restaurant with a friendly staff.
We will visit again in future to try some other dishes.
Our bill was around $48+ for two person, However the portions were larger and easily enough for 3 person.
64 Race Course Road
Singapore SG 218569
 Open daily from 11.30am-11.30pm