Planning a business conference is not easy. There are so many details that need to be looked into and if forgotten, the conference might end up a total disaster. The success or failure of a business conference all depends upon the planning and therefore you should not leave any stone unturned. Ensure that you plan in advance to avoid rushing which may make planning expensive. Here are 4 tips to planning a business conference that is sure to convert your effort into success.

1.Make and Follow a Budget

Before you start any form of planning, have your budget at hand. Make a list of what you will require, and give an estimated cost of each. The list will include the cost of things such the venue, meals, guest speakers if they are to be paid and other items that will support the conference such as stationery or gift bags. It is important to always set your figures on the higher side and have some money left after planning to enable cater for other miscellaneous costs.

2. Carefully Choose Your Location

Tips to planning a business conference

Where do you start in your search for a venue? Start by know the exact purpose of the conference. Once the purpose is clear, information such as the number of expected attendees and their expectations will be known. Choose a venue that is big enough to accommodate all who will be attending comfortably. While choosing the venue, pay special attention to things such as the type of seats and air conditioning. Other things to consider on location matters are accessibility, availability of secure parking and the cost of the venue. The first step to a holding a successful business conference is to make sure the attendees are as comfortable as possible.

3. Have Great Catering

Tips to planning a business conference

Another must when it comes to the success of a business conference is food. Be sure you will get zero participation from hungry attendees and all your other efforts will not be recognized. Get a good catering company such as Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services to cater for all the meals. Your catering service provider should have a variety of foods and consider the needs of different individuals.  In any large gathering, there is bound to be a vegetarian or two. There may also be people allergic to certain foods.   Having a variety of foods will ensure every individual is catered for.

4. Make Allowance For Networking

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. This also holds true for business people, busy as they may seem. While planning a business conference, consider including some play time within the program. Networking activities are important for both personal and business development.  It is during these times that business contacts are exchanged and personal friendships are made. Different icebreaking activities not only make the conference fun but it makes interaction easier for both the speakers and the attendees.  Another tip for networking time may be setting the dates close to a weekend to allow attendees tour the location once the conference is over.

The process of planning may be tiring but following these four tips will ensure to give those attending the business conference an overall experience of learning and good socializing.