Chickpea and Lettuce Salad

Healthy salads are popular in our home for most of the meals. I prepared this salad with a Sri Lankan style salad dressing. Usually I cook chickpea in a large quantity and freeze them in small portions, which is easy for me to use in recipes. It is always healthier than canned chickpeas. After seen a chickpea salad recipe, I thought of trying it in Sri Lankan way. Adding of lettuce gave a crunchy taste for this salad.Anyway check this spicy Chickpea salad too.

Chickpea and Lettuce Salad
1 cup boiled chickpea/or canned chickpea
1 tomato
2 green chilli
1 medium sized onion
2-3 lettuce leaves
For the dressing
2 tspn lime juice
ΒΌ tspn black pepper or as per taste
Salt as per taste
Dice tomato (remove the seeds part)
Slice green chilli and onion.
Coarsely cut lettuce leaves.
In a bowl, mix all ingredients with boiled chickpeas.
Add salt & pepper as per taste.
Then add lime juice and mix well.
Anyway add lime juice and mix just before consuming to keep the freshness of the salad.
It is super easy to prepare.
Chickpea and Lettuce Salad