Apple Awakening Fruit Tea

The tea I tasted recently is Apple Awakening Fruit Tea.To prepare this tea,I used fruit tea from Teavivre.I love all the tea products I tried from Teavivre and this tea gave a different taste for me.Before sharing any review,I want to say that I really attracted to its romantic colour,actually this tea looks nice and appealing once brewed.I wanted to share this post before the Valentine’s Day,because this lovely coloured Tea is a good drink for a Valentine’s Day treat.Anyway,not only for a special occasion,this tea is perfect for any time.

Apple Awakening Fruit Tea from Teavivre

I used Apple Awakening Fruit Tea from Teavivre.This fruit tea includes Roselle, Rose hip, Apple & Verbena (lippia citriodora).The above photo shows how it looks like before brewing. The specialty is, it is a Caffeine free tea.

Here is how to prepare a cup of Apple Awakening Fruit Tea.


3-4 teaspoons Apple Awakening Fruit Tea (I used fruit Tea from Teavivre)
8oz of water(or 1 cup)
Sugar or honey as required (but I like the natural taste with no sweetener)

Boil water
Brew at 212 ºF (100 ºC) for 8 to 9 minutes.
Apple awakening tea is ready.
Use it as a hot tea or chill it.
This tea tastes in both way.

Once brewed it gives a great combination of apple and lemon flavor.This caffeine free low calorie tea is ideal for anytime of the day either chilled or hot.I tried it both ways & tasted fantastic!Actually,a good alternative for soft drinks during the summer!Below picture shows the tea after brewed.

Apple Awakening Fruit Tea

The tea is sugar free,however if you like,you can try it with some sugar or honey.Anyway I like it with its natural flavour.

Apple Awakening Fruit Tea

If you like to buy this tea,actually it is available in different size packages,even 10g sample packs are available to taste before buying.

Try this healthy fruit tea,I am sure you will like it if you are a tea lover!

To purchase this tea & for more information, visit Teavivre 

Apple Awakening Fruit Tea


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