One week is over.We had a contest again to select the ‘Food of the week’ & also I mentioned that ,the 1st five pictures will go to our final monthly contest.

So now these are the winners & the photos which qualify to the final monthly contest.


Ok….Now I am going to anounce the winner of the week.

Here we go…

Food of the week ending 8th July is….from Just Cake The Cupcake


This is her winning photo,Baking under the bell .See her blog post about this here

Here is the 2nd place.Congradulations Yummy Yummy . Your Swiss Cake Pudding desrved 2nd place….

3rd place…again to Yummy Yummy‘s Molten Lava Cake

Here is the 4th ,Cup cake from Delicious cakes and beautiful crafts. Congradulations!!!!

Oh we have few 5th places with similar votes.

Basilmomma: a busy mom that likes to cook‘ s this food won the 5th place.mmmm look yummy!!

Again 5th place & again from Basilmomma:a busy mom that likes to cook. You can visit her blog here

This Cheese Cake from Mias Domain won another 5th place.You have done a good job.Congratz!!! See the recipe in her blog….

This is another yummy dessert.Again won the 5th place.And is ‘Pavlova’ from Mia’s Domain

Wow!! so many good food & good participation.Really excited with the contest.
Hope we will have a good contest in next week too & of course at the month end.

Wish you all the best in your journey!!! & thank you all for the participation.

And dont forget,still you can submit upto 3 photos for the next week competition!!!