This is another way of preparing coconut sambol in Sri Lanka.Anyway for this sambol, we use red chili.


1 cup grated coconut
5-6 small red onion
1 tbs Chilly pieces or 2-3 dried chilly
1 tsp salt
Juice of a lime

For the seasoning
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaf
½ onion sliced
1 dry red chili crushed into pieces
1 tbspn oil


Grind all ingredients except lime  to a fine paste with a mortar and pestle or use a grinder.
Then add lime juice & mix well.
Taste for salt.
Now coconut sambol is ready to serve if we like to eat it fresh. (here is the recipe for fresh Pol Sambola)
Here we are going to season it.
Heat 1tbspn oil in a pan.
Once it starts splutter, add sliced onion, curry leaves & chili pieces.
Sauté for about 1 minute.
Then add the grinded coconut mix above
Mix well.
Let it simmer few minutes in low flame.
Remove from the flame & serve.
Matching well with string hoppers.(Indi appa)

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