Most areas of Sri Lanka are flooded and many families left their homes to stay safe. Landslides are another reason to make this a disaster! There are many families missing and number of death is increasing.

Personally my parents affected too. My area Kaduwela ,Athurugiriya is fully flooded including  our homes. My parents are in a neighbor home and they are safe although they lost their some of the belongings.

Please pray for Sri Lanka and its people! Sri Lankans help each other to overcome this situation. Social workers and organizations are really active in helping the victims. For me, I am helpless by staying in Singapore. But, here is what I can do. I thought of sharing the ways you can help Sri Lankans during this unexpected disaster.

How to Help Victims of Sri Lanka Floods?

How can you help Victims of Sri Lanka Floods?


Pray for Sri Lanka

First, pray for Sri Lanka. You can join with your blessings and prays. You can connect with Sri Lankans and share a thoughtful word and make them relief. You may have friends from Sri Lanka (If you are a foreigner), or you may have friends who are in flood affected areas. Give them a call or try to find their situation. A simple call can make these people happy. (At least)

Join with social workers

How to Help Victims of Sri Lanka Floods?

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If you are in Sri Lanka, you can join with communities and extend a helping hand. (Well, I am asking you to do this while staying in Singapore. But, I really want to go to Sri Lanka now)


This is something we all Sri Lankans and non Sri Lankans who live in other countries can easily do. Please join with social communities and help them with financial aids, essential items such as medicine, food and clothes.

How to join with a good cause to help Sri Lanka to relief from flood?

You can join with reputed organizations such as Red Cross or Sarvodaya. Other than that there are many organizations currently collect funds and donations in order to help flood victims of Sri Lanka. has shared a big list of ways you can join with Flood Relief. Instead of sharing the same list here again, please check for the whole list of organizations which you can help flood victims of Sri Lanka.

How to Help Victims of Sri Lanka Floods?

I join with Venerable Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero for such contributions. I have personally joined with many contributions with Seelagawesi Thero from more than 3 years including recent campaign for buying a Pet Scan to Cancer Hospital Sri Lanka. So, if you look for personal recommendation, you can also join with Wellawatte Seelagawesi Thero through Facebook.

Do you need immediate help?

If you or your loved ones are affected and need immediate help, please fill the form by visiting

You can also call on 0775 927639 or email if you have any questions.

Pray for Sri Lanka! Stay Safe!