I was on a holiday in Sri Lanka. It was a sudden arrangement and even I didn’t get time to arrange few blog posts. Anyway, still I couldn’t share the memories from our December visit to Sri Lanka. We had a holiday in Sri Lanka during last December too. It was a nice time and we could visit few places while enjoying time with family and friends. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country to travel and there are lots of places to visit. Specialy,  historical and ancient places together with theme parks, sandy beaches and rain forests. There are lots of foods to try in Sri Lanka from fresh fruits to rice and curry to snacks.

We had a family trip to Anuradhapura and I thought it will be nice if I share some of our experience during this road trip. It was a 2 days trip. I spent most of my time with baby and nursing him as he was just 2 months at that time. However I was able to capture few moments on our way to Anuradhapura.
We had a plan to visit the Temple of Tooth Relic on first day and to reach Anuradhapura in the evening.

During day 1, I couldn’t take many photos. It was a rainy day. Also we wanted to go there before a scheduled time. Main aim was to visit the temple with the baby and get the blessings for him.
Colombo to Kandy is a nice journey with sightseeing

For me, the most beautiful place along this route is ‘Kadugannawa’.Always we stop there and see around. The huge mountains, lush greens and misty surrounding remind that now we are near to Kandy. This time, we had our homemade breakfast there and spent some time before the journey started again.

When we reached to the Tooth Relic Temple, it was almost crowded. It was the last ‘Full Moon Poya Day’ of the year. Most Buddhists of Sri Lanka visit the temple in each full moon poya day and that day was so special as it was the last poya day of the year.
I was lucky. I didn’t want to stay in queue. People helped me to go to front skipping the queue as I was with a baby and they know I came for a purpose.
Tooth Relic Temple

After spending time in Tooth Relic Temple, we headed to Anuradhapura.It was a rainy day,but the journey among the paddy fields was really enjoyable.

On our way to Anuradhapura,we had our lunch in a place near Katugasthota.It was a buffet.Sorry,no photos.All were hungry and we quickly had our lunch.But,I could manage to take some photos from the place we stopped for tea.A small but a nice place to enjoy some Sri Lankan tea.As I remember,it was near Dambulla.

Appa (hoppers/appam) and Lunu miris (Sri Lankan Chili Paste) with Sri Lankan plain black tea were superb at that time.
Whenever we visit Sri Lanka,Appa is in our ‘to eat’ list.We like both crunchy and soft taste of it.
And it goes well with lunu miris.

 I always prefer a plain Ceylon black tea with this combination.
Sri Lankan Plain Tea

 We didnt forget to taste some mangoes.

After having tea,we went to Anuradhapura.It was night time when we reached there.We managed to visit ‘Ruwanwalisaya stupa’,one of the main worshiping places of Sri Lankan Buddhists.The stupa was beautiful and the place was very calm at night.
It was a tiring day.We had a plan to visit the historical places on next day.Next day was relaxed and we could visit most of the important places in Anuradhapura.I will share the experience in my next post.Hope to share my other experience on this recent April holiday too. 
Till I start to share some new recipes,have a look around.There may be a recipe post that you would love!