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How to store Onion & Garlic in the pantry?This was a question for me for a long time and finally I found a solution.Earlier I used a small rack on the pantry top & stored onion & garlic there.My idea was that onion & garlic need to be stored in open air. But the look of it was always annoying me.It didn’t look neat at all.The skins of garlic were falling on the pantry surface always.
After searching & experimenting,finally here is my way of storing them.It is so easy.

Just keep the onions & garlic in a bowl & keep inside a pantry cupboard.I heard onions & garlic can be stored in dark without spoiling.Place a paper towel at the bottom of the tray/bowl, so that it is easy to clean off when storing a new batch of onion or garlic.I usually buy onions for 1-2 weeks and I didn’t find any spoil onion during 2 weeks time.Other than that,for my surprise,I didn’t feel any strong smell when I open the cupboard.
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What I really like is,my pantry looks so neat once I close the cupboard.

Here is how remaining onions look after 2 weeks.(remaining onions from last batch)
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Here I stored the new onion enough for another week and ready to go inside the cupboard.
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Here are garlic stored inside the cupboard,they are already inside the cupboard from more than 1 month.Still look fresh without messing the appearance of the pantry!!
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How do you store onion & garlic?Any related tips which we can share?Please share them with us.

Tip: Don’t store potatoes & onion together in a same bowl or same cupboard.Then they will spoil faster.

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