Kiribath Recipe

Kiribath (milk rice) –  is a ceremonial food and included in all special occasion menus in Sri Lanka. This rice is cooked in thick coconut milk & served as pieces. Basically it can be eaten with ‘lunu miris (Sri Lankan Chilly Paste)

Sri Lankan kiri bath

Milk Rice (Kiribath)

I have shared this recipe earlier,but that time I prepared this according to the traditional method.But same recipe.Traditionally,a piece of milk rice is diamond in shape.
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Here is a photo of a piece of kiribath (Milk Rice) (Traditional diamond shape)

Kiribath authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

Milk Rice (Kiribath)

Anyway as this is our ceremonial dish,we cook this in any of special happy event.We cook this from a Birthday to a wedding,or even in the first day of an exam.Due to its ceremonial value,I thought of adding it a different look.

This is experimenting an idea of try it with a cookie cutter. But it was nice. I guess this is nice for a wedding than the traditional diagonal shape.

Kiribath recipe

As this is easy to prepare, I cook this dish as our breakfast during most of the weekends.Last weekend I could try it with my idea using some cookie cutters.

Here is the recipe

Ingredients (4 servings)

4 cups of raw white rice
Thick coconut milk of a coconut

Salt to taste.


Wash rice and add to a rice cooker or a cooking pot.

Add correct normal amount of water to boil rice, (I use 1.5 cups water to 1 cup of rice to cook in rice cooker) but again add 1 cup of water more. (rice should be bit sticky when cooked)

Until the rice is cooking, prepare the coconut milk mixture.
For the thick coconut milk, add salt. Stir well. Taste for the salt.

When the rice is done add coconut milk and stir well

Add more salt if required.(but be careful when adding salt)

After adding coconut milk, cook again for a few more minutes until the coconut milk is absorbed.

After the rice is cooked, flatten & press  in a plate

How to make kiribath

Cut in to pieces.In Sri Lanka we use a piece of clean banana leaf to make the rice flatten

Serve with   Chili Paste (lunu Miris)   or a spicy curry.


Here I used cookie cutters to make the shape.

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This rice is of milkish taste.Therefore it can be eaten alone or also we eat with some traditional sweets too.Banana is the fruit always in a Sri Lankan festive table together with this Milk rice dish.