Ok, I want to say I am just a beginner for cakes & cupcakes and I started to learn baking & decorating few months ago. Anyway I didn’t get any chance to bake a cake for anybody.

As my niece visited me last month & as she celebrated her birthday with us, I purposely planned to bake & decorate her cake at home. Anyway it was not very neat & tidy as we buy a cake from outside. Also it consumed some time & I found few mistakes I did. Basically I am not satisfied with the appearance of the cake. It is not very neat as I wanted.

Before going to the cake, here are the mistakes I did.

  • I am not an expert & this is my 1st time of baking a cake for some other’s Birthday. But I didn’t prepare ahead. So I found that I didn’t have enough time to do the finishes nicely.

  • Not only the cake, I had to prepare lunch & some other food for the party. But I started everything in the same day.

Anyway, by spending 5-6 hours continuously, I could come up with this cake & some other food for the party including baking the cake.

Our theme for the Birthday party was ‘Pink & Yellow’. Therefore I decided to decorate the cake using both colours.

Pink and yellow themed Birthday Party

Here is how I did,

For the cake

  • I baked a small size simple butter cake(top part). Recipe can be found here.
  • The bottom part is a Cake dummy. The reason for not baking a big cake is that we didn’t have guests other than family members. So this is my plan to not to waste or not to have left over cakes.

Decorating the cake

  • I used buttercream icing.

  • First I wrapped the cake dummy with a plastic wrap in order to prevent patches from food colouring or icing.

  • I treated the dummy as a real cake & applied the first layer of Pink icing. Kept it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

  • Meanwhile I covered the Baked Butter cake (which is already cooled on the wire rack) with yellow buttercream icing. After applying the icing, I transferred it into the fridge & took the dummy out.

  • I kept the dummy on the cake board which I am going to use.

  • Then using a spatula, I tried to make the icing layer thinner & neat. I used a cup of hot water & put the spatula in it before using for the decoration. This made it easier to apply icing evenly.

  • Then I took the butter cake out from the fridge and kept on top of the dummy.

  • Continued with decorating.

  • I used the star tip for almost all the decoration & it was simple.

  • However I was running out of time & I had to finish it.Sprinkled some colourful sprinkles on top of the cake.

  • I could see some mistakes on the cake, but had to finish it.

  • Finally I found that I haven’t plan for writing any wishes or words on the cake. But according to my choice I couldn’t find a place on the cake to write any word. Instead I used a Ribbon bow on the dummy part of the cake.

Anyway we had a good time with our niece. She celebrated her 2nd Birthday with her Aunt’s cake.

Garden Birthday Party
It was a garden party & I forced my brother & sister in law to dress matching with the colours ‘Pink & Yellow’. 🙂

And finally,

Here is the Photo of the Day!!!  🙂

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