Baby Boy Nursary Room


It is already October! I am almost near to my due date for delivery. The passed time during this year was so precious.We enjoyed each and every minute expecting our new family member. Now I feel I need to have a break from the blog and prepare for the big day! Anyway you’ll see how organized I am this time. 😀  I havescheduled few posts and the blog will be updated at least once a week. There are new recipes in my scheduled list. They wait eagerly to be published and catch the eye of readers and search engines. So, please visit the blog, do leave your comments and ideas. I will visit yours and or reply to comments, emails whenever possible.

Here are few captures of our Baby’s nursery. We prepared it as a part of our bed room as we need the baby to be room-in with us. Other than that, here in Singapore we own a small home which only has 2 bed rooms. So space matters.


Baby Boy Nursary Room
Baby Boy Nursary Room


Baby Boy Nursary Room


Baby Boy Nursary Room

We wanted to have some cute paintings over the walls.On the other way,this is a part of our bed room too.So,dark/bright color paint may disturb sleeping.Therefore,I wanted to decorate the wall with some simple decoration without changing the paint.
Finally we found some cute photo frames, which we could glue into the walls without damaging the wall. Later we can use his photos and after some time we will be able to change the room theme easily. So, we proceeded with these photo frames to decorate the wall.
Wall decor-Baby Boy Nursary Room


I converted our old dresser as a baby dresser and it is enough to store his dresses and blankets. Initially we had a plan to buy a cute wardrobe for the baby. But after shifting to our new home in April this year, we were fed up with moving furniture in and out.We were purchasing and arranging furniture till August! Remember I told space matters here. So if we buy new furniture, we need to remove some existing which is not easy and tiresome.


Here are my selections for the baby to wear from hospital to home. Hope, he will like them. I packed few in my hospital bag, in case we need more than one.


Recently we went Johor Bahru-Malaysia for food and baby shopping.Thinking pink is for a girl and blue is for a boy,we tried to buy some onesies for our baby boy.We didn’t focus on the design.Oh once the tags were removed and washed, I realized what we bought are more matching with a baby girl.Most of the designs are with flowers and butterflies.:D


Wanted to correct the error by buying few more boy themed onecies. Now we know, cars and big animals are for boys!


Shopping for socks, hats and bibs was really interesting. We couldn’t avoid buying few.We also wanted to buy safe baby products for our baby boy as that is the best gift we can give to him as parents.
How is this cute bib? We plan to visit Sri Lanka at the earliest possible after his arrival. And baby is ready to fly!


Below dresses are a gift from my sister and these are the initial dresses we use for infants in Sri Lanka. They are made of cotton and so comfortable.
(Thanks Aunty N for giving me a Sri Lankan feeling!)



I tried to be smart by sewing some blankets and beddings for him. Thanks to ladies over internet, I could found tutorials.
Here are some of receiving blankets I sew for him.


My try of preparing few beddings for him.


Here is his changing table and nursing chair.Our chest of drawer is converted as his changing table.All the items related to diaper changing and bathing are packed inside the drawers. We still need a changing table pad.
Few months ago, we bought this chair and stool from IKEA and still it is my chair in living room to have a rest when my feet are swollen.Planning to use this as Nursery room chair.

Baby Boy Nursary Room


Here is his play mat. Though he won’t play this much early, mommy is ready to play with him  😀
Baby play mat-Baby Boy Nursary Room


Now we have prepared everything in our best. What we are waiting is the baby for our room!
Baby Boy Nursary Room


Till I come back, enjoy new posts! Don’t forget to leave a comment, I love reading them!


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