Yayyyyy!!!! I am going to anounce the winners of the contest!!!

I know you all are waiting to see who is the ‘Food of The Month’ award winner…..

The competition was a fun & exciting event.Aha I know now you have much concern when you are cooking &  Photographing,because you have a contest in Food-Corner ….. 🙂

Ok,I will not waste time more for talking.

This is the winner!! Yehhhhh The Food of the Month!!!!

Congradulations Mia’s Domain , You are the winner!!!!!

2nd Place award  is grabbed by The red velvet cheese cake by Guns- Grub -And – Other goodies

3rd place award is grabbed by  Running With the Deviled Eggs for their Grilled Cheese Club Sandwich.This sandwich was able to make many of food lovers hungry!!! 🙂 Thanks for the participation,And Congradulations!!!!

This competition is always very warm & competitive.And I should say always the gap between each places are 1 or 2 votes.Thanks everybody for participation.
This time 2 food pictures won the 4th place.

This is Our Good job award for 4th place winners …..

Guns-Grub-And-Other goodies grab one award for their chocolate cake balls dipped in oreos and almonds.It looks so yummy!! And congradulations!!!!

Another award for 4th place goes to Yummy Yummy for her Yummy submission.

Congradulations Yummy Yummy !!!

And finally I want to thank you all for participation either by voting or by submitting pictures.

I value all of my fans in Food Corner .Thanks again and hope your participation in future events too.