Anyone who is looking for an alternative to the toxic non-stick cookware that is readily available.  The healthiest alternative is often thought to be stainless steel, but this is expensive and does not do very well when cooking items such as eggs and pancakes which non-stick pans excel at.  Another alternative is to look at cast iron cookware and there are a number of reasons why building a cast iron skillet is a good option.


The Toxic Fumes


When you replace your non-stick skillet with a cast iron one, you will avoid the toxic fumes that come with the non-stick items.  Cast iron cookware can also be used when replacing aluminum cookware.  This is due to the fact that aluminum cookware also comes with health hazards.


Use In The Oven


A cast iron skillet can be used on the stove and in the oven at any temperature.  This comes in handy when you make certain dishes and recipes such as corn bread, flat bread and frittatas.  It is impossible to put your non-stick cookware into the oven without causing damage.


It Is Non-Stick

The Benefits Of Cast Iron Cooking


You do not have to have non-stick cookware to stop your food sticking and a cast iron skillet works just as well in this regard if it is properly cared for and seasoned.  There is a short learning curve that you will have to be aware of when it comes to working with the cast iron skillet.  However, employees at the local cookware store, books and the internet should be able to help you learn how to care for your cast iron cookware.


Easy To Clean


Cast iron is very easy to clean.  The food will not only lift off the pan, soap is not necessary or recommended for the cleaning.  This is due to the fact that it will erode the seasoning of the cast iron and could damage it. Here are some good tips on cleaning cast iron cans


There Are Health Benefits


Many people do not realize that you are able to increase your iron intake when you use a cast iron pan.  Iron is a vital mineral that everyone needs.  Iron helps to maintain energy levels and also strengthens the immune system.


It Is Inexpensive


When looking to replace your non-stick cookware, you may turn to stainless steel.  The problem with this is the price of stainless steel as a high-end 12-inch skillet could cost over $100.  This is not something you need to worry about with cast iron as a similar skillet will cost less than $30.


Food Cooks Beautifully


When you use a cast iron skillet, you will be able to create restaurant quality food.  You can make fish sticks, French toast and potato pancakes with a crisp exterior.  Non-stick cookware does not give you the same browning capacity as cast iron.


Sturdy And Wears Well.


Cast iron does not scratch and you will not have to use plastic utensils.  When you use cast iron you do not have to worry about your silverware causing damage.  Cast-iron cookware lasts so long that many people are using the cookware that their parents used.


Used Over Any Heat


It is possible to use cast iron cookware over any heat source.  When you are creating a disaster planning list, you should include this cookware in your pack.


Used For Thousands Of Years


New technologies are often the least healthy when compared to technology used in the past.  Cookware is no exception with cast iron being healthier than non-stick.


While there are many benefits to cast iron cooking, you need to ensure that you know the drawbacks as well.  Cast iron pans are very heavy, they require maintenance to remain rust free and you need to take care if you have a glass-top stove.