There simply is no denying the fact that clever packaging makes a difference. When IFFA 2016 will begin in Frankfurt in a couple of weeks time, we will present some of WEBOMATIC’s finest Vacuum Food Sealer packing machinery.

Why packaging?

Because packaging enhances hygiene, production efficiency and customer convenience. It is the first thing the end consumer recognises when purchasing a product and therefore it requires to be safe for the consumer, cost-efficient in packaging and actively transmits the product’s message to its buyer.

Packaging is the best medium to protect the product and actively promote the brand’s image at the same time. This is why it is important to determine which type of vacuum packing machine is best for your business, whether this is using a vacuum chamber machine, a tray sealer or a thermoformer. Various applications like modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or Vacuum Food Sealer only, as well as Skin and Shrink applications are some possibilities to create a unique brand’s image while longer shelf life is ensured.

Vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packer or vacuum chamber machines are extremely popular because they are very versatile, cheap to buy and maintain whilst at the same time easy to use. This is the most common method of vacuum packing within the UK food processing industry.

Vacuum packing via a tray sealer is very popular in retail food markets because in most instances packing in a tray improves product presentation. Tray sealers are most commonly used with MAP as the preservative gases can increase product shelf life.

Thermoforming is similar to tray sealing, however packaging costs tend to be less because essentially this enables you to build your own trays. These machines are extremely popular throughout nationwide food production companies because they are very quick and save man-power.