1. Don’t try to be something or someone you’re not. Always be true to yourself.

  1. Share your passion. When you write about things that excite you, your audience will become excited as well.

  1. Get active on social media. Set up profiles on all of the major social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

 Tips For Getting Your Food Blog Off On The Right Foot

  1. Post professional-quality photos. The better your photos are, the more likely they are to get shared. Read online tutorials on how to take better pictures so that you can get the best possible photographs of your food.

  1. Post your pictures to photo sites such as Tastespotting or Foodgawker. These sites exist for the sole purpose of sharing delicious looking photos of food. If one of your photos gets accepted, it can result in a surge of traffic to your site. Just remember, quite a few of your photos may be rejected before one is accepted. Just keep trying.

  1. Take advantage of Pinterest’s group boards. Being asked to join a group can significantly boost your traffic, simply for the fact that most groups have a lot of followers.

  1. Reach out to other food bloggers. Making connections with bloggers who share your interests can be a good way to network and meet new people.

  1. Regularly add content to your blog. The more posts you have, the more likely your blog is to get discovered. Buy some Instagram views to make your pics look more popular.

  1. Use intuitive navigation and make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. Consider providing an index of your recipes in a format that encourages people to delve deeper into your content.

  1. Try to leave a few comments on other food blogs each day. A lot of times, the owners of those blogs will visit your site and comment in return.

  1. Figure out who is visiting your page. You can find helpful information on your visitors by using Google Analytics. This will help you fine-tune your message so that it better meets their needs.

  1. Add buttons to each post that allow people to easily share your content on all of the most popular social networks.

  1. Give yourself time to succeed. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Just stick with it.

  1. If you don’t absolutely love a recipe, don’t share it. You only get one shot to convert people and followers. Make sure that every recipe is as delicious as possible.

  1. Research the latest food blogging techniques using resources such as Recipe Girl’s blog post.

Remember, getting traffic to your blog is only the first step. Once it becomes popular, the workload actually increases. Every day, you will need to update your social media, respond to comments, and add new posts.